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Software Description

The DivineCoders Windows Bible Code Software was developed by professionals for the average enthusiast. While adhering to our strict software standards you can be sure that your results are reliable. Download your free copy and take advantage of the best in Bible Code.

Additional Requirements
  • Microsoft Windows .NET 2.0 Redistributable
  • Microsoft Windows Service Pack 2.0+ (Windows XP)
  • Internet Connection (Authorization and Sharing)
Key Features
  • New Lightspeed Algorithms
  • Search through 39 biblical texts
  • Perform as many as 2 phases of search
  • Statistical Significance Testing
  • Share your discoveries
Freeware Downloads

Download our most current and stable Windows (XP/Vista/7) version here.

Additional Information

Statistical Significance Research

The most important discovery in Bible Code is the mean probability, because this value allows...

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Separating Gold From Copper

The law of large numbers states that if we repeat over and over, any random event, and if we do...

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Calculating True Probabilities

Finally, as promised, the time has come to reveal the most accurate method for deducing the...

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