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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bible Code?

Bible Code is not an encryption, because the text we find is not encrypted; however, Bible Code is encoded, thus hidden within the plain-text of the Holy Bible; therefore, we can say that Bible Code is technically "Linguistic Steganography" -a message hidden in plain-sight.

Reference: Detection of Bible Code

What are the DIVINECODERS Bible Code Software standards?

1. Terms found must have an ELS greater than or equal to 1.

2. Terms found must have an ELS less than or equal to 1500.

3. Searching across multiple books is strictly prohibited.

4. Terms that generate 10 or more results are deemed random.

5. Search terms may not posses any non-alphabetic value.

6. Search terms must be greater than or equal to 3 characters.

7. Search terms must be less than or equal to 8 characters. *

* Does not apply to the Windows version of this software or in places on this site where the max character length is noted to be different (e.g. A single matrix is equipped with a 10 character max).

What are the DIVINECODERS Bible Code Research standards?

1. Reverse analysis is strictly prohibited. (e.g. LIVE is not the same as EVIL)

2. When possible to create a bigger word, then the bigger word will be used.

3. All matrices are read in ascending order based upon the index value of each term.

4. All terms must be verified statistically using the most accurate methods possible.

5. Apart from the primary term, each subsequent term must overlap a proceeding term.

6. All terms must be spelled correctly and acronymic content is strictly prohibited.

Why is Bible Code Significant?

Bible Code is significant from a mathematical standpoint because statistical evidence shows us that an encoded message(s) may exist within certain books of the Holy Bible. As we search, our software calculates probability values for each discovery. Each p-value is used to perform a significance test (i.e. T-Test) -to determine statistical significance by testing for abnormalities related to the normal distribution of probabilities (i.e. the kind of things we expect).

Reference: Statistical Significance Research

How do I find Bible Code?

With the help of computers and our official DivineCoders Bible Code software anyone can search for and detect encoded values in the Holy Bible. Today's technology requires the user to input a single term, and our software then processes the provided text, thus searching for your term within a range of equilateral spaces. All results that T-Test LOW are ignored.

Which version of the Holy Bible do you use for search?

We use the Jewish Publication Society (English) translation. If you would like to checkout the free online version of the JPS Bible, then you may do so by visiting breslov.com.

What are Tokens?

Tokens are free and cannot be purchased nor earned. Three tokens are provided to all guests to be used for evaluation purposes. After having used all three tokens for the day, guest accounts are suspended for 24 hours, at which time guests may choose to wait 24 hours to regain three more tokens or they may choose to register a free and unlimited account.

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